About Us

Lakeside Christian Church has over 300 active members joining together in two services on Sunday morning. We come to sing, pray, study, take communion, give our offerings and gain ground in our relationship with Jesus.  

On Sunday our focus is to build our relationship with Christ. So we work to keep Him the center of all we do. For every age. In every building. In every room.

We also have a strong focus on people growing up together in God’s Word. So we have Bible studies that meet on almost everyday of the week. Some meet at church and some meet at home’s in neighborhoods around East County.

The third significant focal point at LCC is helping others. We encourage our folks to serve God in two ways: at the church and in their community. Our goal is for everyone to find a place to work alongside of God to make the world a better place.

Jesus challenged us to “Love God and love our neighbors.” We believe the best place to start loving God is on Sunday morning, we call that “Build”. We believe maturing relationship with God includes Bible study and community, we call that “Grow”.

Finally, we believe love also always expresses itself to others, so we’ve called that “Help”.