Small Groups

Although the weekend Worship services are a weekly highlight in the life of the church, it is our Small Groups that provide the place where our members can grow together in a safe and loving environment. By building relationships over time with a small group of friends we know and trust, and by seeking God’s help together in the good times as well as the bad, we start to open up and ask the tough questions, share our deepest joys and burdens, and know that someone really does accept us for who we are and is in our corner.

God designed us to be in loving, caring relationships with Himself and with others. The Small Group Ministry at LCC is our way of facilitating whose kinds of connections among our people. We strongly believe you cannot live a full Christian life isolated and apart from personal connection with other believers, and so we encourage every member to find a group to join and begin developing those important relationships. Having a healthy network of small groups is also the best to make sure everyone can feel like they belong, no matter how big our church membership gets.

Currently we have two groups that meet on Sunday morning, one during each of the Sunday worship services. We also have groups that meet during the week, some at the church building, but most in the homes of members. If you are not currently involved in a group, we invite you to visit one or more groups and give it a try! A list of Small Groups can be found (below?)

Come join us in the journey of doing life together. We look forward to seeing you in a Small Group!

Please contact us if you’d like more informaiton about a Grow Group listed below..


Sun. 9am Grow GroupSunday9:00-10:15am21+Main CampusMain Campus – LCC Room 203/204Sunday’s Sermon TopicYesOpen
Sun. 10:45am Grow GroupSunday10:45am-12:00pm21+Main CampusMain Campus – LCC Room 203/204Sunday’s Sermon TopicYesOpen
Young Adult Grow GroupSunday12:20-2:00pm18-31Main Campus, OffsiteMain Campus –Sunday’s Sermon TopicNoOpen
Tue. Evening Grow GroupTuesday6:30-8:00pm21+Offsite(Offsite) Call for LocationSunday’s Sermon TopicYesOpen
Wed. Morning Grow GroupWednesday10:30-11:30am21+Main CampusMain Campus – LCC Room 203/204Sunday’s Sermon TopicYesOpen
Wed. Evening Grow GroupWednesday6:30-8:00pm21+OffsiteMain Campus – LCC Room 203/204Sunday’s Sermon TopicYesOpen
Men’s Grow GroupMonrsday6:00-8:00pm21+Offsite(LCC – Men’s Group)Sunday’s Sermon TopicNoOpen
Thurs. Evening Grow GroupThursday6:30-8:00pm21+OffsiteOffsite –Sunday’s Sermon Topic