I’m New

Why should I come to Lakeside? 

Warmth. We believe you will feel warmth when you attend Lakeside Christian Church. We are not a group who have everything put all together just right, in fact, we are broken enough that we’ve learned we need each other. We are not a church that will attempt to do everything under the sun to entertain you, but we will embrace you. If you visit, you can expect we will love you. We will look forward to seeing you. We will notice if your gone. We expect you will say one of our strengths is that everyone feels right at home…a warm home. It does not matter to us your age, race, gender, politics, economic status or your religious background. We are not white collar or blue collar, but a balance of both.

We believe you will find a group of folks here from all walks of life who want our church to be a safe place that welcomes everyone.

Join us today!