Our goal is to care for those right here in Lakeside, while meeting needs for those in San Diego County and the world wide. We support several ministries but here are four we are particularly fond of…

We financially support our local community pantry, Lakeside Christian Help Center. In addition, we collect food items every Sunday for the pantry and encourage our church family to get involved as helpers during the week.

We also financially support an outreach which provides free pregnancy care to expecting mothers who live near SDSU College Area, Pacific Beach, and Downtown San Diego communities. Families in our church also support CAPS Pregnancy Clinics by volunteering their time, prayer and services.

A third place where our church family serves and financially supports is found in northwest Mexico. Niños de Baja provides loving homes for children who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned. They also provide much needed community outreach services to thier community and beyond. We absolutely love our twice a year mission trips to Niños de Baja! These kids are their ministry leaders are the best!

Our last major arm of financial support and service goes out to the ends of the earth through an organization called Team Expansion. Our church family has joined with Team Expansion to reach the love of God into areas of the world that need clean water, agriculture and education.

So where will you serve? Come see us and join a church that not only loves Jesus but acts like Jesus too!